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Her Trap

Length: 209 pages2 hours


Miami...the belly of the beast and the weak always get eaten. In two separate stories, Chyna, Prentice, and Teyah made sure to never become the prey and always remain the hunter.

Chyna lived a fast life that placed her in the likes of high powered individuals. She also possessed a hustle that threatened to take her freedom and destroy her relationship with the one man who always had her back. Prentice played the hand she was dealt like a pro, even after several losses back to back. When it was time to face her own demons, it would take a miracle and a greater love to pull her out of the hole she dug for herself.

Teyah found herself faced with a dilemma like no other: loving two different men for different reasons. She knew she was playing with fire but it wasn’t the burn that she should’ve been fearing. Will Miami keep these three young ladies in situations that they can’t get out of or will they use what the city of Miami taught them to come out better and wiser?

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