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Another First Time (Always a virgin Spy)

Length: 146 pages2 hours


Young college grad Trent Wilson has passed his vetting into the CIA and gone into basic training in the belief that his deep-seated desire for other men and his brief and tentative experimentation have not been uncovered. What he doesn’t know is that the Agency has a use for men who can suborn other men with their physical attributes and perpetual aspect of innocence that the spy agency recruiters have seen in Trent. Blackmailing Trent into working with a unit of spies using man sex to trap and compromise foreign targets into providing information and actions the Agency seeks, his Agency handler, Maurice, covers and masters Trent and then pulls him into the role of convincing targets across the world who seek to deflower virgins—in Bermuda, England, Austria, Turkey, Greek, and, ultimately, Macao—that Trent is what they want and is the virgin they will give up all to initiate. But as Trent becomes very good at this and even to enjoy it and seek it out, Maurice sees that he increasingly is losing control over his protégé and makes plans of his own to put an end to Trent’s use in these operations.

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