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The Wild Duchess / The Willful Duchess

Length: 351 pages6 hours


A new historical romance series from USA Today bestselling author Renee Bernard launches with this two-in-one novel! Both complete romances are intertwined to give the reader a double dose of The Duchess Club in this exciting introduction to a new series as the daughters of the Jaded Gentlemen take centerstage. As children they jested about forming The Duchess Club and all marrying dukes, but what happens when silly dreams give way to stunning and unexpected reality? In this first offering, the identical twin daughters of Ashe and Caroline, will hold London in sway as the Blackwell Beauties and discover that the path to true love is never the same for anyone (not even twins)!

Scarlett Blackwell would be the first to tell anyone that a Blackwell does not cry. Nor do they hide in greenery after one social blunder cascades into an avalanche of embarrassment at their debut, but there you have it. The world does not always bend to a young woman's whimsical dreams. Except when without warning--it does. A twist of fate, an odd proposition from the Duke of Chesterton and Scarlett's world is forever changed. But the young handsome Duke of Stafford is not about to allow a woman without title or lofty family connections to steal his friend's heart and destroy his reputation, so there is more than one duke on the field. And the stakes couldn't be higher in a seductive game of catch and release... She is the Wild Duchess.

And in a tangle of her own, Starr Blackwell has no interest in giving up her independence and even less in the frippery and fuss of London high society. Her dream is simply to follow in her mother's footsteps, reforming education for women and teaching at Bellewood University. Avoiding suitors is fairly easy and she is on her way to confidently skipping the mess entirely when everything goes wrong. A case of mistaken identities yields the heir presumptive to the Duke of Chesterton more than a slapped face. Ryder Maitland is in over his head and faced with a woman unlike any he has ever met. She isn't after him, his title, his fortunes and even worse, wields a closed fan like a buccaneer. It's a shock to make any man question his sanity. Falling in love with a woman who loves books over ballgowns... How can he convince her to abandon her dreams and fulfill his instead? Starr Blackwell is as stubborn as they come but Ryder will do everything he can to make her his very own Willful Duchess...

Fans of the Jaded Gentlemen will love this new series as it moves familiar characters forward, adding to the depth of the world and drawing readers back in!

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