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Green Stone Moldavite

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Stones speak with their silence as if these were the witnesses of our universe. They seem beings motionless and silent, but it isn’t true. Inside them is the secular momentum that has the universe: the eternal presence of the Supreme Being. Every stone is an expression of love. None can be discarded; each one has its history. These are pre-fated for things that no one yet knows for sure, but stones have their purpose. Time will tell. Some are equivalent to the ascended masters. Among these is the green stone "Moldavite". It was originally found in a small region of the Czech Republic near the Vltava River, and now this is in Venezuela. Stone Ra according to the Egyptians –and, perhaps by other names that we do not know.

An important and precious and powerful gem is this stone, which we should be treated with respect. It is pure energy, immortal fire, power trapped in human life.

Ancient civilizations have left their record surrounded with mystery. Its mother's house is the constellation Orion. It contains all knowledge of the universe. It is here to help us. It is our traveling companion and our protector. We should trust her.

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