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The Chelis

Length: 339 pages5 hours


The unwashed masses were plucked from days of picking berries in the sun and staying to campfires for warmth, thrown into the electric light of factories and the unnatural glow of foundries. Willed by the masters of man as mechanisms of greater machinations than they could ever be as individuals, while amassing into megacity sprawl that spread like spilled ink until the natural ground was entirely buried. Their disparate babbles were untangled into a single way to speak, to think by controlling what was seen and read,
A culture of self domination was cultivated solely to serve and perpetuate the existing order, also gave rise to an epoch of freedom as the multitudes shed the repressive structures of thought instilled from birth. In cognitive rebellion they reverted to seeing from their own eyes, speaking their own words as minds and souls exhaling themselves inhaling the expressions of their impassioned brethren.

The memory press was created to manipulate their passions and centralized their perception of the world. Tongues were tempered until all again made the same sounds and all thought the same way. An undercurrent of dissonance always remained in those who breathe in remembrance as rupicolous rabble-rousers romanticizing days passed. The masters of the memory press established their ilk as beholders of the beatific vision that sculpts the growth of their civilization.

After centuries the memory press leads to a world where mind is the media which manipulates the medium of matter made malleable to thought by the perfection of the Chelis. The masters became the invisible who orchestrate the collective consciousness of their species known as the Sight and seamlessly created their utopia. That was a century before today.

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