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Microbusinesses You Can Start Today

Length: 353 pages3 hours


There has been renewed interest in small, home-based or location-independent businesses in recent years as many people have learned that a job does not provide much security after all. A microbusiness, whether operated full-time or part-time, can increase economic security and provide income while allowing the entrepreneur to engage in work that he or she finds meaningful.

Part I of Microbusinesses You Can Start Today profiles more than 70 small business ideas that are ideally suited to being operated by a solo entrepreneur. The business ideas are as varied as food service, delivery, income tax preparation, and mechanical. In short, there should be at least a few ideas of interest to nearly any aspiring entrepreneur. The chapters will not tell you everything that you need to know in order to run a particular business, but instead consider the highlights of a variety of different businesses. Several of these business ideas I have done myself, while others were successfully started by friends. Some of these ideas can be found for free by searching the Internet, but probably not without wading through a lot of spam and annoying advertising.

Part II of Microbusinesses You Can Start Today includes several chapters exploring marketing and business operations. As with the business ideas in Part I, these chapters will not tell you everything there is to know about marketing or business operations, but they will serve as a primer to at least get you started in the right direction.

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