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Maximum Magic: The Infatuation Infection: Maximum Magic, #3

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It’s the last semester before Will graduates from Oak Grove Elementary School and moves on the sixth grade and middle school. But after spring break, most of the fifth graders are crazy with crushes, including Will’s best friend, Josh.  Love is in the air—even Grandma’s gone all googly-eyed over a guy! And is the rumor true that magician Max Goodman is dating Will’s teacher, Ms. Moon?

Will wants to steer clear of getting wrapped up in the classroom romances. He befriends the new kid, Stu, a foster child recently placed with a local family. Can the boys avoid the infatuation infection that’s spreading like a bad flu? Does love conquer all, or will magic have the upper hand? And can love or magic (or both) save Stu from returning to the Children’s Home?

In this contemporary adventure series, author Karleen Tauszik uses humor, tension and, of course, magic to create the perfect stories for middle grade readers.

THE INFATUATION INFECTION is the third and final book in the Maximum Magic series of chapter books for ages 9-12.

The Maximum Magic books are contemporary adventures written in under 20,000 words, with fast-moving chapters and best of all, magic!


My goal as an author is to get your kids to LOVE reading as much as I did when I was their age...and as much as I still do! My husband is a professional magician. Based on the fascination I see children have with him and his tricks, I wrote the Maximum Magic series.

My promise to you: my Maximum Magic books are clean, with no offensive language, no sketchy innuendos, and with strong family units. I realize that our children are bombarded daily with messages we’d rather they didn’t learn (at least not at their young age). It happens, but I don’t believe it needs to happen in my books. My job is to have your children enjoy reading.

The Lexile levels for this series fall between 550 and 650.

The Categories for the Maximum Magic series are: Action & Adventure / Fantasy & Magic / Art, Music & Photography / Performing Arts / Literature & Fiction / Chapter Books / Intermediate Readers / Children’s Series

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