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Theme Park

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Six exciting worlds of adventure, mystery, drama, suspense, and horror await you. Climb aboard as Top Writers Block takes you on a ride celebrating the talent of independent authors. Come explore these unique worlds. Delight in classic writing styles, whimsical humor, and cold corridors of spine-tingling mayhem. This collection is sure to delight. Enter here at the Top Writers Block Theme Park. You are most welcomed here. Includes stories from Tracey Howard, Melissa A. Szydlek, Baraby Wilde, Suzy Stewart Dubot, and Cleve Sylcox.

Your purchase of this ebook not only supports the creative outlets of independent authors, but also supports charity. Top Writers Block is an international group of writers who continue to donate all of their author proceeds to Sea Shepherd in France, an organization that devotes itself to preserving our seas and oceans and the life within.

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