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Secret of Shaw Valley

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Rations are being withheld illegally from a Sioux reservation. Chief Copper Kettle is preparing to attack the Indian Agency that will start a war. General Sheridan, sends Brad Shaw, to solve the problem. When the former army major is forced to take shelter in a canyon to escape attacking Pawnees, he finds a wounded Sioux warrior with an arrow in his leg. Shaw removed the arrow but the man needs urgent care on he will die. Brad risked his life when he took Paha, the injured warrior, to Chief Copper Kettle’s village. He promised food for the village in one week if the chief delayed attacking the Agency. While in the village he saw a beautiful woman. After they meet Brad wants her to be his wife.

First, Brad must find the man in Washington creating problems with the Indians. When Brad finds the powerful official, he must defend against the influential man’s attempt to destroy him.

Brad Shaw becomes a marked man when he opens a bank account with bags of gold. Fritz Blackburn and his gang of cut-throats target to kill Brad, but the veteran is no stranger to the smell of gun powder—and he has a secret to settle old scores.

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