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Disguised in Deception.

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In 1971, Richard Nixion signed the National Cancer Act into law. Forty-eight years later, the war still wages on. Nixon's war on cancer failed to find a cure; cancer cases continue to grow at an alarming rate, while new cancer types are discovered every year. Think about this, globally, trillions of dollars a year is desperately given by people, in the hope researchers will find a cure. Is there something we are missing? It seems like every effort to make the world more healthy seems to fail. Americans are sicker now than ever before; families are drowning in medical debt. Discover who is making you sick, because a sick world makes the rich richer. That's how big pharma wants it. The only way to protect the ones you love is to learn what's really in your food. Uncover the disguise, buy your copy now and look through the deception.

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