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Stop Taking All The Covers

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This series of short stories is for those that are searching for, or are now in, meaningful relationships. The ironic thing about being in a meaningful relationship, is that most of the disagreements couples have are over trivial matters! 

This work is a compilation of experiences communicated to me by couples that I have ministered to, as well as gracious people that I have had the opportunity to speak with over the years. 

I am certain that many of the stories and anecdotes you read in this book will prove to be ones that you may very well relate to. You will read about everything from issues arising from not putting the toilet seat down to one partner not wanting to be intimate on the same night as the other. 

I encourage you to sit back and enjoy this humorous work, written with love, to those who have had good times and bad with their partner. If your relationship is on the rocks, consider trying to patch things up, because chances are, if you move on you will just meet someone else with habits that get under your skin.

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