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Rune Warrior: The Facetakers, #2

797 pages10 hours


After surviving the fall of Berlin, Sarah prefers visiting happier memories, like the glories of ancient Rome.  Until a mysterious man in a wide-brimmed hat begins haunting her steps.

The creep is more than a stalker.  He plans to enslave her soul as the first step in a terrifying plan to dominate the world.

Her natural talent with runes suggests a link to a rare soul power, but is it enough to save both her and the world from a deviant psychopath?  With time running out, Sarah must take a desperate gamble and travel back to the Middle Ages, seeking answers from iconic figures who hold the keys to the knowledge she seeks.  One is a martyr, the other a mass murderer.

But her enemy has his own historical trump card.

His name is Spartacus.

And there is a reason his body was never found.

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