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The Realms of War Trilogy 5 (Dark Fantasy 3 Book Bundle)

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The Realms of War Trilogy 5 bundles together 3 sizzling dark fantasy books, the Realms of War 13, 14 and 15! The two sisters are separated and their tales begin anew! It is highly recommended though not required that the Realms of War Trilogy 1, 2, 3, 4. This bundle contains the following:

The Realms of War 13: A Tale of Two Sisters (Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance)

Aewyn and Leila have been through the worst of the worst, from the beginning of the Horde's invasion to the stopping of the Lich King. Even as the Horde splinters apart, Lord Lazarus keeps the strongest faction under his command, and he's managed to take Leila away. The two sisters are separated and find very similar yet different fates await them.

Aewyn must try to convince the new leader of the Humans, Tyril Unther, to help in finding her sister. Leila, on the other hand, must try to take on Lord Lazarus and the Horde, who will stop at nothing to break her. They need to break the spell over the Lich King, and they believe Leila holds the secret to doing so.

Will the two sisters be able to reunite or are their troubles only just beginning?

The Realms of War 14: Secrets of the Glass Mountain (Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance)

The Horde is in shambles and the Humans try to reform their alliances. Robyn, the sworn protector of Queen Grace, solemly looks out at the battlefield. She has an inner desire to continue journeying and wiping all remnants of the Horde.

Her encounter with a Shifter, Zartanian, has made her even more inquisitive of the world outside of her castle. When Queen Grace tells her to go and seek the Shifters, Robyn is hesitant at first. However, her childhood friend and now ruler of her home orders her to go. Robyn accepts and leaves for the mysterious Glass Mountain where the Shifters reside.

However, along the way, she encounters many dangerous Trolls and Goblins that possess the powerful aphrodisiac known as the Call of the Krakenos. As she journeys South, she fights through the members of the Horde but she cannot seem to find this mysterious mountain. Does Robyn succeed in finding and unlocking the secrets of the Glass Mountain?

The Realms of War 15: A Splintered Hope (Epic Erotic Dark Fantasy)

Aewyn returns to her home, the Kingdom of Erun, to find it in absolute ruin. The once lush green plains have been burned to ashes and the trees torn to shreds. The blue skies are now filled with gray smoke from the plumes of fire that rage across the lands. Her quest to find her sister and stop the Pit Lord from resurrecting the Lich King has come full circle.

Robyn is still learning her newfound powers that she learned from her training with the Shifters. She, along with Tirador, Rick and Kara are ready to support Aewyn in finding Leila and stopping Lord Lazarus. As the five of them traverse the dangerous lands, Aewyn senses something is horribly wrong, her sister has succumbed to the Call of the Krakenos.

The group learn that Aewyn's connection with her sister puts them all in danger, yet they refuse to stop fighting. They decide to meet Lord Lazarus head on and devise a strategy to enter the castle and sneak into the Library of High Arts before taking on Lord Lazarus. Once the plan executes things start to get more and more troubling...

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