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You're Old Because You Want to Be: Use These 6 Keys to Unlock Living an Extraordinary Long Life

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You’re Old Because You Want to Be is a book about rediscovering yourself after you reach age 50 and above. There are a ridiculous number of people who die within 3 years of retiring. In the United States, too many people work hard for 40 or more years and then retire to die. It doesn’t have to be that way.
The reader of this book should want to take charge of their life, and their lifestyle is the key. By sharing 6 principles, Responsibility, Imagination, Passion, Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity, with the reader they will discover the modern way of life is slowly killing them, and they need to change the way they live. They are either moving forward to a new life or backward to an early death.
The choice is really up to the individual. They can live a great and long LAST HALF of their life or not. It's really up to them. Aging doesn't have to include deterioration of the body or the mind. It's not a normal part of growing old. People assume they will just get old and die. What! I say stay young and live! You need to take charge of your life. Your lifestyle is the key. You have to change the way you live. The modern way of life is killing you slowly. In essence you’re telling your body to shut down early. How are you going to live the next 20, 30, 40 plus years of your life? What choices will you make today in order to create the future you desire? Do not have the goal of the average 50-year-old to be more “comfortable”. In this day and age, you can still be anything you want to be. Let's do it.

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