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Build Your First Web Site Today: EASYNOW Webs Series of Web Site Design, #1

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Build Your First Web Site Today: EASYNOW Webs Series of Web Site Design, #1

Length: 140 pages1 hour


Learn How To Build Your Fist Web Site Today in easy to follow step by step processes.
This book presents the subject in an easy to follow step by step process, building on the previous steps as you go using an example project to work with so you can practice what you have learned in each section.
I have kept it simple and fun but with enough information so you can understand what is going on. This way you will have enough knowledge to go on to build your own web sites.
You will learn to build your own custom web site that would cost you about $500 to a $1000 to have someone else build it for you. When you have finished your first web site you can go on building more web sites with what you have learned in this book.. I know there are plenty of free web site building sites on the Internet, but as is the case in most circumstances you get what you pay for. They don't give you the freedom to do what you want to do and they have their advertising on your site.

You can say I Did It My Way!

With this process the simple steps show you how easy it really is to build your own web site.
You will learn how to build Simple Neat and Effective Web Sites.
You will learn how to set up a basic template system to reuse to easily build web sites with a lot less effort.
Some of the topics covered
    Getting Started with the Basics.
    Building Structure Over the Basic Framework.
    Using CSS to Style Your Web Site.
    Adding Content to Your Web Site.
    Uploading to Your Hosting Server.
    Adding Finishing Touches To your Web Site.
You don't need to have any previous knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets). I will explain what these as we progress with our project and how we will use them to create your web site, as they are the basis for all web sites no matter how small or large.
You will need to know how to use a computer, how to install programs, how to create a new file and other basics like these, but I will be keeping it simple to understand all the way through.

All the code used in this book can be downloaded so you can check you work against the examples I give in the book. There is a link at the end of the book.
As we work through this project you will learn good working practices and how you can turn this project into a basic set of template files you can reuse on your next project and more!
Get your copy now and start having fun building your first web site today!

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