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Born on the 11th of September

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This is the sad short story of the life of Timothy Rodgers, a man who openly supported President George W. Bush as a teenager to include joining the U.S. Army right out of high school in 2004.

After many years of hardship, Timothy became a self-published writer, civil rights leader for veterans among others, the creator of the United States Human Expedition and an advocate for a truly just as well as functional government.

Timothy has coined important terms such as "Financial Assault", "Economic Selection", "Social Selection" and "Corporate Empire" to help describe the many flaws and injustices that occur in modern day society. In order to overcome many of the issues we face today, he writes using such terms to help others understand what is really happening within our civilization.

"Money acting as 'legal' free speech silences the voices of our people."

"If groups can outvote or outlaw individualism, are we truly free?"

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