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Chasing Lady Midnight: A Superhero Cozy Mystery: The Lady Midnight Series, #1

166 pages2 hours


The Mighty Superhero Security Squad is supposed to be protecting mankind - but something’s gone terribly wrong. Wealth and prestige seem to have become the main goals of The Squad instead. Worse, they have issued an ultimatum giving all non-villainous supers only two choices - join or be taken into custody as an Unknown Non-Affiliate, otherwise known as an UNA.
Those who take option number 2? No one but The Squad knows what happens to them.
Even the villains are freaked now.
Hannelore Brunswick, aka Lady Midnight, came into her powers late, and is still working on figuring out how to use them for good - on her own terms. All while dodging the super control freaks of The Squad, keeping her secret from her Squad family members, planning her wedding to the near-perfect son of a failed supervillain, and keeping her dog happy.
With all of that on her plate, she thought her life couldn’t get more complicated.
Because it turns out that Lady Midnight is the only super who has a chance of stopping a new supervillain with a supersized plot to take over the world that just might work.
It’s a big order for a rookie outlaw superhero, but saving the world is what she does. 

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