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Let Me Go! How To Get Off Unwanted Annoying WhatsApp Chat Groups For Good

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Being in a social media chat group can be quite useful and entertaining. On the other hand, having too many groups can be quite a pain in the butt – everyone underrates the stress of maintaining a presence in social media chat App groups...

And what about those who you are keen to avoid are in the same chat group as you?

Leaving a group without saying anything is considered sacrilege. What if they won't let you leave? You leave the group and then they keep inviting you back.
You can check out anytime you want, BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE! Do you have to block every person in that group to have your peace?

Here are 1001 - funny, witty, intoxicating and annoying - ways to leave your social media chat groups!!

Have you heard of Nuke Options?
Do you want to know how you can Troll & Spam like a Pro?!

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