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Jaimini Sutras

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The name of Maharishi Jaimini is held in high esteem and reverence among the Sanskrit writers of eminence and probably he is held only next to Maharishi Vedavyasa. Jaimini is the disciple of Vyasa, and besides being a writer of various treatises and the Epic Jaimini Bharata, he is the famous author of Poorva Mimamsa Sastra, and these able aphorisms in Astrology called after his name as the JAIMINISUTRAS. The Maharishis, so far as their intellectual development was, concerned, stood altogether on a unique pedestal unapproached by any other authors in the world. They expanded their intellects not by ordinary study, patient labour and devotion but by the mystic processes of Yoga. Thus expanding their mental vision by a peculiar process still unknown to the greatest scholars of the present day, they were able to grasp the causes and effects of the celestial and terrestrial phenomena with the greatest ease and on.

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