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I'm Immortal: till I die

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I'm Immortal till I die, is a 'teen diary' that explores the many different situations, emotions, conflicts and problems that every teenager can go through. It is written through a non-gender specific character and as such can be read and related to by any gender group. It is written in a diary style format to encourage readers to use a diary of their own to record their thoughts and problems and provide the opportunity for thoughtful reflection on their own lives.
The book can be a 'good read' for most teens or a tool in working with teens and young people having emotional and / or behavioural problems.
The book tries of acknowledge that the problems that teenagers face today are real, however there are ways to find help and there is always a sunrise that follows every difficult night.
The ideas and issues covered in this book are drawn from real issues and problems that the author has encountered with young people he has worked.

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