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To Conquer a Viking

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In early northern Scotland, there were invasions from the east, the south, and the north. When the Vikings tore across Scotland from the north, they left nearly no one alive, but in some ways, the vikings were looking for nothing more than their own claim to something they could call their own.

Theodor Nass was one such viking. He had his fun, he had women, honor, and as a leader, he had the loyalty of his men. However, he has found someone he thinks will be able to give him everything he wants. The daughter of the chieftain of the village in northern Scotland has been found, hiding in the dank, wet, dungeon. She fights, tooth and nail, against the invading forces, but finds the men too much for her.

Of course, her vitality and refusal to give in give Theodor the idea that she is ideal for him. He keeps her safe from his men, who seem less inclined to be lecherous, and more likely to turn away from the fighting for more riches for those who command them all. Jealousy gets in the way of any hope for a positive future for the two very different people.

Learning a new language, learning a new culture, and learning to bend instead of breaking, the two solid representatives of their own diverse cultures might be able to find a place where they can agree. Or are their differences too much to build a bridge between?

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