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Confession from a Murderer

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Bruce Conway had tried so many jobs. At each workplace, the boss had been up his ass all the time, and as he couldn't stand people lurking behind him, he quit. He could have blamed anyone, but he didn't. Bruce realized that all the blame was in himself. While looking at television, he saw how the police solved most crimes with their forensic ability. Bruce started to book keep everything that the crocks had done wrong. Things that the police used to apprehend them. It became quite a book. Then after reading through the book, Bruce decided that he was going to try a crime, he decided that a regular burglary would be the best crime for a starter. Bruce decided to brake in to the boss of the last job he quit. Bruce spent several days surveying the house and his drive to and from work. When he got it all down, he at ten o'clock one morning with shoe covers and latex gloves went in through the back door. It was a total success. His next try was to be something bigger. At this time his sister had complained to mom that her husband Alex was cruel, and she didn't dare asking for a divorce. Have to help the girl thought Bruce. How can I kill the bastard? Then he saw en add for rat-poison, and the television told him that this product contained arsenic. So Bruce went to a store farther away, and bought a packet of rat-poison. He divided the product and kept the white powder, mixing it with water, he tried it on the neighbors cat. It worked perfectly. Now Alex had invited the entire family to his birthday, and dad had bought him a large bottle of wine. Bruce succeeded in putting the poison into the wine, and Alex died. The police said that he died of intoxication, to much alcohol in his body. Seven times the legal limit. Now when Bruce had tried even murder, and got away with it, he decided to make another break-in to his boss. He got away with another murder, and finished up in collage, to be able to help his sister with her business.

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