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Dark Consort: A Blood Wizard Chronicles Novella

189 pages2 hours


Vagabond High Elf, Stormwind, is badly wounded and imprisoned by the Dark Elves following a conflict with the Pononga- a sect of hereditary warriors who remain devoted to their sacred dynasty, the Singh Imperium, and who vehemently reject modernization. Captured by the enemy, and forced into servitude, Stormwind slowly learns to know and respect what it means to live by a true code of honor.

Meanwhile, a plot boils underfoot to force modernization among the clans of Dark Elves, and the wandering High Elf finds himself at the very center of it. Can Stormwind come to terms with what it means to serve a cause greater than only himself, or will he bear witness to the destruction of the very culture he has come to admire?

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