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Cheating Bundle

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Affair at the Faire

At the Faire alone for the first time in years, Kitty's imagination is running wild with fantasies about wild knights and ladies. When she accidently runs into one of the knights at the faire, fantasy becomes reality but what is she going to tell her husband when she gets home?

Taste of a Stranger

Katie is the maid of honor for her best friends wedding and has been planning the bachelorette party for weeks. Leaving her husband at home for a night, she lets her hair down and parties with her girl friends until she runs into a mysterious stranger on the dance floor. Will she fulfill her husband's fantasies or let this one dance away?

A Dangerous Reunion

Claire goes out with her friends for a much needed ladies night. What will happen when an unexpected reunion takes a dark turn?

Seduced on her Wedding Day

Mary is getting married to Jules, her best friend. What will happen when her wish for Lance, an old friend, to be at her wedding is fulfilled? Things were steamy before he left for the Marines. Can Mary say "I do" and mean it with him there?

Test Drive of Desire

Claire is bored and fed up with Jason and his family’s nonsense. Will a test drive of desire reignite her passion, or lead her down a dangerous path?

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