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Abducted by the Alien

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Stolen from Earth, can Jennifer Samson survive on a new planet?

Alien Warrior Brides is a series of standalone stories with a connected universe. Each book can be read separately. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Expect lots of steam.

Jennifer Samson is young professional, working two jobs in order to afford rent, food, and student loan payments. She has no family, few friends, and zero romantic prospects. 

Quy Vuong is seven feet tall, with skin the color of honey. He is a warrior, with rippling muscles and ink black hair. 

The Yuenanren are a race who have have few females among them. 

The intergalactic federation, through Kandalph Space Marines, Inc., has been bringing humans from Earth as potential mates to keep the Yuenanren from dying out entirely. 

Jennifer Samson is one of them.

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