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Seven Crows: The Evangeline Memoirs (Book Four)

38 pages32 minutes


Angeline Gottschalk, is a bullied, socially awkward sixteen year-old who lives on the family farm with her neurotic mother, an abusive stepfather and a terrifying secret she keeps hidden... even from herself. That secret is her homicidal alter-ego, Evangeline, the cold-blooded yet fun-loving murderess who narrates this dark memoir of growing up a teenaged serial killer in the American Midwest.

Unaware she shares space in her head with a notorious murderer, it seems the shy farmer’s daughter and her psychotic “sister” are destined never to meet... until the next target in the killer’s deadly crosshairs turns out to be the boy Angeline loves.

Weaving the stories of two distinct personalities around the narrator’s dark-humored commentary on the society that drove her to kill, Evangeline invites readers to come along on a bad girl’s violent crusade against injustice, and into the savage depths of her fractured mind.

Novelette; part four of five.

WARNING: "Seven Crows: The Evangeline Memoirs" contains graphic content, including strong language, sexual situations and violence.

NOTE TO READERS: This is the fourth of a five part series. All five books are combined in the novel "Evangeline", by E.A. Gottschalk and KC Franks, available at a discounted price from selected e-booksellers.

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