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The Tarot, Major Arcana, their meaning without learn it to memorize

Length: 97 pages1 hour


Tarot the Major Arcana, their Meanings without Memorization. Is yet another book by the famous fortune teller and astrologer. This text is the first integral part of the complete book Tarot the prediction of the future, dedicated, however, only to those who use the Major Arcana. The text maintains its professionalism in the concepts portrayed and proposes bringing readers to the world of Tarot with an easy to read book. The title is as always the original work of the author, because in his practice, he receives invitations from those who consult him and acquaintances to write works that will fill the gap for those who want to practice or to go into this field. The problem for many, which is not insignificant, is to remember the many meanings of the Tarot. The author has taken on the burden and honor of helping to fill this gap. This title on the Major Arcana is followed by the corresponding work on the Minor Arcana. 

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