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Red Tears

Length: 106 pages1 hour


He's a successful black American politician until he decides to extend his political ideology of socio-economic revolution to his African origin of Alorojiya Kingdom. As soon as he clinches the presidential primary ticket of Socialist Democrats, he gets trapped in the practices of dark mysteries, He wins the election and becomes the president, only to realise the grave implications of varied dark mysteries on the socio-economic life of the nation. The Prince learns it so late that dark covenantal mysteries, often woven in human rituals, are the norms in African politics. The discovery creates a dilemma that imprisons his soul in the wood, and this becomes a serious battle. Who'll wipe red tears from the faces of African masses and put an end to violence, oppressions, and cold-bloodedness in African worlds?
In the end, the voices of Red-Tears cry out in grievous agonies for vengeance. And in response to their cries, came the revolutionary forces to battle the government. Civil societies lead the masses to bring radical solutions because they are pushed to the wall by the oppressors.
Indeed, RED TEARS is a writ of divine inspiration, with clear message to all political gladiators, world-over. You will also find its literary richness so amazing - being richly coloured with lierary terms, suspects, dramatic styles, satircal humour, and tragedy. You can't just wait to read this great inspirational literary work. Have a good time reading it.

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