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Length: 371 pages6 hours


A group of humans evolved beyond the rest of the world hide themselves away from the world. After a few centuries the birth of two special Ephemerals named Annalisa and Jonathan who become romantically involved a love story develops. Time passes Annalisa and Jonathan find themselves in a situation; they leave and venture into the unknown with many followers that feel the same as they do. This group is unaware that they are mankind’s salvation and the next evolution of Ephemerals that will be entrusted and blessed by the Powers and Forces of Earth and the Universe to bring peace to the warring nations of Earth. They will go through many months of trials and errors until they achieve their final goal, before being able to enjoy the peace and tranquility that they desire, and with a twist at the end that will be unknown to all except by Jonathan who learns of this during their venture, but must be kept a secret until the time is right.

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