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Public Speaking for Beginners

Length: 53 pages36 minutes


Speaking in front of people, large crowds in particular, is usually perceived as the most stressful experience imaginable. The following ideas in this course are designed to help you, or anyone for that matter, convey your ideas and messages to either one person, or a large group in just about any setting. Creating an effective presentation, can seem very overwhelming. But here are strategies you can use to come up with an effective and powerful speech in 30 minutes or less, regardless of your target audience.

What you’ll learn:
Identifying your purpose
Preparing your speech
Preparing your visual aids
Creating a mock presentation
Eliminating stage fright and building your self confidence
Incorporating your personality into your presentation
Extra stuff to help you convey a high-impact message
Surveying the audience
The all important Q&A session
Getting your audience engaged
Items of preparation prior to your presentation

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