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Falling for Grace

Length: 20 pages14 minutes


Will Preacher David break his vow to God and to his wife for a night with a sinful harlot?

He has known Grace since she was a baby. He was there during her baptism and when she was growing up. But somewhere along the way, Grace has changed. She began wearing strange clothes that others call ‘goth.’ Her worried parents force her to attend David’s bible study classes in hopes that he can straighten her out.

Grace always attends the classes, but on one particular night, she has something else in mind. While she reads the scripture, David notices how her hand travels down to under her skirt. She seems determined to give him a live show to test his resolve…

Will he give in to the temptation, or ignore what he has just seen and the aching of his cock?

*For adults only. Contains explicit details of hard hetero sex.

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