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Executive Suite or Sweet Executive?

Length: 64 pages1 hour


At 32, Dwayne Williams is filthy rich, single, and loves white women. This time he’s got the hots for Priscilla, a beautiful woman applying for a sales executive position in his company.

Too bad Priscilla is already married to Dennis. But Dwayne was never the type to back down. In fact, he targets married white women. When he interviews her and she passes all his unconventional tests – sucking on a phallus-shaped ice cream over an expensive lunch, sealing her employment contract by sealing his cock with her mouth – he’s surer than ever that she’s the woman he wants.

But the question is… does Priscilla want him or does she just want the job? Or will she stand by her devoted husband? Dwayne’s got 12 inches of equipment and the force of personality to help her decide!

*For adults only. Contains graphic interracial sex, oral sex, domination and cuckolding.

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