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Cry Baby

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Having been known as the school bully, Jason Polder gets annoyed when he sees underdog boys cry.

Heading home one day, there it is! He sees a nerd boy drop his things scattered on the floor with eyes about to burst into tears. He is sooo tempted to bully this one!

But instead, he helps him. That was weird. The boy’s name is Omega Zavros. What the f*** kind of a name is that?!

Without having so much to say, this little Good Samaritan encounter paved their friendship. They started to hangout a lot. Weird, really. The bully and the underdog becoming the best of friends?! But yeah, that’s what happened.

The more they spend time with each other, the more they become close... Close in a way that might go a little beyond the friendship border line.

Is it ever possible that the bully and the nerd will fall in love with each other?

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