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Antigua Romance

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Martin Martin is a wealthy orphan who wants to spend his fortune on donating to some poor children’s charities. He bickers with his uncles and other relatives who stops him from doing this.

To get his mind off the argument, he flies for a relaxing vacation to Antigua by himself in his private jet and meets Jack Steele, a handsome deckhand who will teach him more about gay sex.

In his yacht one afternoon, he spots a gorgeous young man his age. His name is Yoshi, a wealthy Euro-Asian boy who’s also a tourist in the beautiful island of Antigua.
He befriends him and later, falls in love with him.

Martin’s thoughts are all about Yoshi. He wants to be with him, spend a lot of time with him, have sex with him... He wants to do everything with Yoshi!

When Jack finds out about Martin’s fancy with Yoshi, he gets jealous. Both are young, gorgeous, and in love. Will Jack’s jealousy break them apart? Or will he rather want to join in the romance of these two young gods?

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