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Indian Abduction

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Psychological warfare: make the prisoner feel less than a man when he is treated like a woman…

Lt. Luke Atherton is not like any of the other troops in the Seventh Cavalry. He is the scion of a wealthy, political family and a strong supporter of the rights of Indians.

He is sent by his family to the Wild West, hoping the experience would rid him of his sympathy for the Indians. Luke’s time there, however, does the exact opposite: an ill-fated patrol brings him into the path of Running Bear, the handsome heir to a hostile tribe.

When Luke is captured along with his men, he expects pain and bloodshed. To his surprise, Running Bear saves him!

But the greater surprise? Running Bear wants something more special from the prisoners…

While in captivity, Luke learns about the tribe’s culture. He also falls in love with its people, especially Running Bear. When an opportunity comes for freedom, will Luke take it, or will he choose to remain with the tribe and the man he’s fallen in love with?

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