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The Key

Length: 65 pages1 hour



This is an intriguing story of a young couple, Emma and Ross, who have just had another in a succession of stillborn children. One day whilst driving through the west end of London, the couple notice an old house for sale and after arranging to view the property, they put in an offer.

There is a strange inevitability in the way that the older couple who are selling the house, do so for a lower price. It all seems to have been predetermined. Is there a reason for this?

The story twists and turns as Emma uses on old key to unlock a house within a house.

Initially, on seeing the other house, Emma is shocked and amazed at the splendor and opulence of this Victorian marvel which seems to exist in a parallel universe within her own home, or is it within her own mind? At various stages the story flashes back to a link with the past, which not only helps to set the scene, but also adds to the intrigue and complexity of the outcome.

As she repeatedly returns to the house, Emma becomes more and more delusional. She decides to prove to Ross that it really exists, but is unable to. He is a loving husband, but starts to become increasingly impatient with his wife, her grip on reality, and her sanity.

Eventually, for an instant the past and present collide, with devastating consequences.

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