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Power Puppies

Length: 73 pages1 hour


Whenever the president faces a national crisis, he always calls on his favorite canine team—the Power Puppies! However, no one ever expected the next emergency to be the dirty work of the president's own pet cats. But after seeing the Power Puppies on Ellen, their favorite show, the cats decide to put their paws down.
From dumping rotten fish into the Pup Park under the White House to stealing Power Puppy DNA, these feline fiends will stop at nothing to get on Ellen's show and one-up the pups. Will the Power Puppies be able to outwit these crazy cats, or will they be overcome by a supercharged cat army? Mike, Vizzi, Meg, Cami, Frost, Shatter, Scarlet Shimmers, Zip, and Otis have to take teamwork to the next level if they want to keep their positions as the president's top dogs!
All profits from the publisher go to support the Humane Society of Indianapolis or other no kill animal shelters.

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