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The Naughty Niece

Length: 126 pages2 hours


Emily was bored. The guy she'd stayed over to make out with had gone home, and that left her with little to do at the isolated cottage but sunbathe and - tease the only good looking guy around. Uncle Jeff was almost as old as her father, though a lot better looking. She thought it was perfectly safe to tease and taunt him with her lush young body. But then she might have made a mistake. Because when she's belly down across his lap and he's spanking her bare bottom it was hard to figure out where the punishment ends and the pleasure begins. And that aspect of sex is one she has always found seductive: being helpless, being overpowered, being - forced. As her Uncle Jeff tests her limits with bondage and discipline she begins to loose her focus on what she is doing and why. As he begins to condition her mind her body quickly follows. The line between pleasure and pain begins to blur, and obedience becomes almost instinctive.

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