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My Favorite Fruit Is a Woman: Raunchy Erotic Poetry

Length: 229 pages1 hour


“Before you decide to flip the pages in this book to take a look at the titles and go to the page that interests you the most, this is my word of warning: THIS BOOK IS ABOUT SEX—ALL FORMS OF IT.”My Favorite Fruit Is a Woman is certainly about sex. It is also about passion, desire, and dreams. It’s even about romance and love. But, mostly, it’s about sex.Author Chris “Walk” Walker has a control over the English language that will make you want to read these poems out loud—either by yourself, or with the one you love. The phrasing is lush, sensual, and eminently playful as Walker dips his toes—and his tongue—into the most taboo of subjects.If you are ready for a poetic walk on the wild side, My Favorite Fruit Is a Woman will have you reading, dreaming, fantasizing, and possibly even blushing on your way to the satisfying conclusion that only the most evocative of poetry can give. So prepare yourself as you follow your host through the stages of passion to the most fruitful of outcomes.

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