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How to take your life to the next level with...The 5 Essential C's: Foundations for Success

Length: 39 pages18 minutes


Do you feel stuck in your own life?  Do you want something more, but unsure what that is? Have you reached the level of life satisfaction or success to which you were seeking? In The 5 Essential C’s Foundations for Success, career and life strategist, Connie M Leach, shares her tips and tools to help you create a plan for success. With a background in educational leadership, coaching, and psychology, Connie coaches clients to take their life to the next level by helping them clarify their goals, grow their confidence, and explode their potential.  In this book, Connie challenges readers to discover who they are and what they want in their lives. The 5 Essential C’s: Choice, Confidence, Creativity, Compassion, and Courage will help you learn how to:Create intentions for your life.Gain the confidence to showcase your strengths.Unleash your inner creativity.Strengthen your personal and professional relationships.Foster the courage to overcome the barriers that hold you back.

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