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Peeble Weeble's Escape from the Acorn Trail Trap

Length: 21 pages5 minutes


Peeble Weeble is no ordinary chipmunk. He has blue fur, a great deal of energy, and is always getting into some sort of a jam. Smart and strong, he lives for adventure. But when Peeble wanders off into the woods alone, he runs into Pirating Panther, and trouble ensues. Will he be able to outwit the panther and find his way back to his mom? Join Peeble and his friends on their exciting adventure along the Acorn Trail!*****Peeble Weeble's Escape from the Acorn Trail Trap is a fairly humorous and witty tale for kids, which depicts real-life situations and teaches valuable life lessons through Peeble and the other characters. 

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