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Fairy Queens Books 1-4

Length: 1,037 pages9 hours


"A captivating series!" ~Jennifer A. Nielsen, NYT bestselling author, The False Prince

Snow Queen Origins: A Fairytale Adaptation

Rule #1: Never bargain with the fae. Rule #2: Never fall for the enemy.

How did the Snow Queen come to be? Her true name is Ilyenna. Her story begins long before her birth, when her parents make a doomed fae bargain that seals Ilyenna's fate and ignites an immortal war that spans generations and kingdoms. The Fairy Queens Saga tells the story of the Snow Queen; her rival, the Fire Queen, and the queen's redemption, Kai and Gerda. The myriad characters contained within all learn one inescapable truth: never bargain with the fae.

Of Ice and Snow

The fourth, throwaway son of the clanchief, Otec witnesses his faraway mountain village come under attack while all the other men are off to war. Cut off from his clan and dodging raiders, he must trust a foreign woman stalked by a dark, mysterious magic as they race to save his family from a life of slavery and his kingdom from utter destruction. Worse, what he thought was a mere raid is actually a full-scale invasion.

In the end, he must choose between family and kingdom, hope and despair.

Winter Queen

Never bargain with the fae . . .

A dying man delivers a terrible warning: a civil war has begun between neighboring clans. As healer and clanmistress, Ilyenna is tasked with keeping the wounded alive and her people fed in the midst of a seemingly endless winter.

But when the war moves to the heart of her village, Ilyenna looks into her enemy’s eyes and sees more than just cunning. There is also lust—lust for power and lust for her. She could save herself, accept the fae bargain that would grant her their dark magic in exchange for her soul. Her refusal leaves her struggling to survive her captor's cruelty.

She finds a measure of solace in the arms of her fellow prisoner, Rone. But it isn’t long before she discovers the feud between clans is merely a distraction from something far worse. Ilyenna must decide whether or not to resurrect the power the fairies left behind. Doing so will allow her to defeat her enemies, but if she embraces winter, she risks losing herself to that destroying power—forever.

Whitney Finalist and winner of the Rone Award for Best Fantasy/Science Fiction of 2014

Of Fire and Ash

There is one rule above all others: never bargain with the fae, for such bargains always morph into curses. But as the droughts worsens, Nelay must rely more and more on her forbidden sight to keep her family alive. When her father goes missing, she risks exposure to find him before time runs out. And when she arrives too late, the fairies are the only ones who can save him. All they require is a simple bargain that she'll return the favor one day.

Some bargains are lethal.

Summer Queen

Only Nelay can stand between the cinders of her once-great nation and the vengeance of the Winter Queen.

Nelay was nine years old when she bargained with the fae to save her father’s life. That bargain left her without her family and cursed. Now seventeen and a powerful acolyte, Nelay wants nothing more than to become high priestess in the Temple of Fire.

Until the fae Winter Queen, bent on vengeance, invades with her army and traps Nelay’s family behind enemy lines. Determined to save them, Nelay finds an unlikely and annoying ally in a smuggler with a penchant for legends. The fact that he’s handsome doesn’t hurt.

But as her enemy pommels her kingdom into submission, Nelay realizes a bigger power is at play than that wielded by mere mortals. Perhaps the only way to defeat the fae is to embrace the curse they gave her. There's just the little problem of losing her soul in the process.

To rise from the ashes, first she must burn.

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