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Professional Woman

Length: 44 pages35 minutes


Two weeks ago, Natasha was a normal tech CEO. Okay, she was young and glamorous for a billionaire. And she had a secret night job as a call girl. But she kept those lives divided until one of the clients at her brothel turned out to be involved in espionage against her tech firm.

Since then, Natasha has had no choice if she wanted to save her company; she has to use her position as a courtesan to spy on employees of a rival company—then of her own firm—suspected of stealing secrets. Those attempts nearly backfire when she is caught by an employee sleeping with that employee’s boyfriend.

But Natasha is saved by her employee’s kinks. More than that, she learns from her employee’s husband disturbing secrets about how her brothel is being used for corporate espionage. Now she has to infiltrate the brothel itself, going undercover without even letting her madam know what she suspects, in order to find the woman of the night responsible for that espionage.

Will Natasha find herself in even more trouble? Or will she obtain evidence she can use against her corporate enemies?

And will she be able to keep playing at the brothel when all this is over?

Warning: contains explicit descriptions of adult behavior.

Professional Woman is the 7th and Final Part of Work and Play, following Night Job, Distracted, Hard Working, Under Cover, Colleagues, Lovers, and Caught in the Act.

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