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My Son, My Son, Where Are You?

Length: 395 pages3 hours


A true story of an American soldier in WWII told through about 500 letters to the family back home who gave their utmost for the love of God, family, and country. Staff Sergeant Frank W. Brown, a member of the Greatest Generation, gave his life for the freedoms we enjoy today in a world conflict that affected millions of people. He was a soldier in the 12th Infantry Regiment and trained as a warrior for three years before meeting their foe in the battle of Europe. The 12th Infantry Regiment, after landing on Utah Beach, encountered severe German resistance as they pushed north toward the vital port of Cherbourg, France. On June 8th, Company C suffered severe casualties near Azeville, France, where Frank was killed in action. He was a spiritual person who accepted the hardships of life with optimism and a heartfelt joy of God’s will. When D-Day occurred, word was lost and a period of two months passed without knowing where Frank was and what occurred. His mother continued to write letters until she received official notification on August 6, 1944, that he was killed on June 8, 1944. Information traveled much slower than today, months instead of minutes, especially due to thousands of military casualties occurring over a few days. Prayer, faith, and hope in God, provided comfort to the fathers, mothers, wives, children, and friends during this difficult time. Let us hope and pray that a major world conflict of this magnitude will never occur again.

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