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If “too many cooks can spoil the stew” certainly “too many thieves can spoil the theft”. Three professional thieves are charged with acquiring a multimillion dollar artwork at call it a "discounted" price. They have put their plan into operation, but just as they are to make the heist their painting goes missing from the gallery. With all the security in place it simply is gone. Our thieves, the security company, the gallery owners and everyone else are totally perplexed as to how such a valuable painting so well guarded can simply vanish. Who got into the act? How was it gotten out of the gallery with no trace?
Was it Liz the art gallery manager? Life had been wonderful for Liz until her lover’s wife yanked his leash and Liz found herself literally out on the street. While still fuming over her let down she learns a very valuable painting by Ribera on display in the Beverly Hills gallery which she manages, is going to be stolen. Frustrated with her financial situation she rationalizes it is reasonable to take advantage of the situation and steal the painting before it is stolen.
Arnie is sucked into the web when he goes about a bit of thieving skullduggery of his own. He’s a pretty good painter, but his brother, a partner in the Beverly Hills gallery, tells him he just doesn’t have the right stuff. What if he can copy the work of an artist who has been selling well at the brother’s gallery, swaps his painting for the real one to prove he does have the right stuff when his forgery sells? Not too honest, but not really that kind of thief. None the less, he finds himself caught in the web.
The pretty young artist whose painting Arnie plans to copy is drawn into the web as well. She is not into art theft, but not an innocent as she tries to steal the heart of the art gallery partner. Too bad she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jack happens upon the seen and is happily surprised to bump into Liz. They had a wonderful affair in another lifetime, but she got away. Can he rekindle her heartstrings? When Liz learns he is a professional art thief, well, so he tells her to build interest when he learns of her plan. She is enthralled and draws him into the web hoping he will help her fence the painting after she steals it. He goes along with her ploy in order to have the time to rekindle their relationship. But will he help her become a felon or protect her.
With so many people getting caught in the web can you expect anything less than hilariously confusing story?

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