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The Get Rich Quick Clique: The Stoner's Guide to Making Money Without Having to Work

Length: 272 pages4 hours


Let's be up front about this: Brian is a stoner. But he is a stoner with a job, unlike all his pothead roommates. So when the gang makes a bet to see who can make the most money "their way", he is sure he will win.

After all, he might not work hard, but he works. And surely that is more effective than relying on a lawsuit, a sugar daddy, or the lottery to pay your bills.

As he works, quite literally, to prove to his friends that his way is best, he also uses this time to do some light stalking. Just who exactly is his new roommate anyway? And what is"his way to money"? Is he a drug dealer, a prostitute, or something a little less nefarious? Brian wants to find out, and he is willing to put himself in harm's way to find out.

One thing is for sure, though: in three months time, the roommates will finally be able to conclusively declare the best way to get rich quick.

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