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A Promise of Glory: Sword of Otrim, #1

A Promise of Glory: Sword of Otrim, #1

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A Promise of Glory: Sword of Otrim, #1

45 pages
30 minutes
May 27, 2016


Paeter the Nederlander, a young mercenary searching for glory, is captured by Otrim of Idessa, a fierce warrior who sees something good and honorable in the sell-sword. When the time for battle comes, however, will Paeter prove himself true or will he deny his upbringing and betray his new commander…risking his very soul? 

This novella of about 8,500 words taps the spirit of battle and intrigue reminiscent of classic sword and sorcery and epic fantasy, but with a spiritual foundation. It's a stand-alone story but also part of a series called "The Sword of Otrim."

May 27, 2016

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A Promise of Glory - Lyndon Perry

A Promise of Glory

A Sword of Otrim Story ~ Part 1

An Epic Fantasy Novella

by Lyndon Perry

A Promise of Glory © 2020 Lyndon Perry

Published by Tule Fog Press, Wichita, KS

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All Rights Reserved

For glory seekers throughout the ages.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six



— I —

Children look to the day when schooling is done. The aged fear it.

– Observations on Virtue, Paeter van der Leeuw

PAETER THE NEDERLANDER looked up into the fierce eyes of the barbarian towering over him.

Yield, said the strange warrior in a strange tone, far different than the bloodthirsty malice Paeter had expected.

With a sword at his throat, the blond fighter thought it his best option.

A slight nod prompted Otrim, the black-eyed and black-maned swordsman, to withdraw his weapon and put forward a hand. The defeated man paused but a moment before he reached out and clasped it. He was hauled to his feet but the barbarian still gripped him firmly, pulling him close.

The waning sounds of the minor skirmish did not distract the two men as they locked eyes. Paeter, slightly taller and a bit leaner than Otrim, let flash a dangerous gleam. Tension built as the two warriors sized each other up.

Well met, Nederlander, the victor said, a grin spilling across his stubbled face. Wise is the man who tempts not death.

The clean-shaven, fair-skinned opposite spat. Not much of a temptation, barbarian. I yield today to fight tomorrow.

The bronze skinned man chuckled. A sage, no less. I was right to spare you. As we sparred in battle I knew you to be a man worthy of epic combat, not one who would settle for selling his sword and the arm that swings it.

A hired sword he was, Paeter had to admit, but a temporary situation at best. A long term mercenary he was not. Hired to guard a supply train, Paeter had no loyalty but to the coin he made at the end of the day. That the day was interrupted by a fierce but brief battle in which he found himself on the wrong end of a blade caused him a moment’s discouragement. Ah, the risks of being a hired man. Not every assignment yielded its promised potential. He needed no lecture now

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