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Desert Survival & Navigation Handbook. The Life And Death Skills 101

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Have you ever experienced the heat and the total disregard of human survival that is the desert? Deserts are located throughout the world, and perhaps you have even heard of or known someone who was trapped out in the desert for longer than he or she intended. In fact, many situations arise that can call for being prepared with survival tips and key aspects of desert navigation.

When people think about survival in the desert, they think about a barren terrain, unbearably hot temperatures and perhaps a lack of water, lost and no civilization in sight. This might be the clichéd “worst case scenario,” but in fact it completely lacks substance when compared to the diverse environments and situations one can be dropped into when trying to survive in the desert.

Perhaps you’re considering a trek out into the desert for some adventurous activity. Maybe you’re thing is rock climbing, or perhaps you like to go dirt biking or hiking. It is actually quite popular to venture out into the desert. However, many people ignore the warnings about needed supplies and helpful strategies of survival.

Having read this book, you will know enough about the supplies you need and the necessary survival strategies. You'll know to check out what is specific to the desert area in which you’re visiting. Don’t find yourself the victim. Practice desert survival techniques and stay safe!

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