A Lesson in War: Sword of Otrim

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A Lesson in War: Sword of Otrim

Length: 54 pages41 minutes


Fighting the barbarian hordes for Queen Philipa of Idessa, Otrim - a fierce yet contemplative warrior - hadn't considered that his real enemy might just be his commander. Completing the campaign against the Korreti infidels and returning home victorious is his focus and goal. But when General Ardus Telemachii Atellus challenges him on the battlefield, the bronzed warrior must quickly determine where his ultimate loyalty lies. 

In this short novella, Lyndon Perry taps the spirit of battle and intrigue reminiscent of classic sword and sorcery but with a spiritual foundation. This ebook also contains a bonus fantasy horror story titled "Beyond the Veil" by Gustavo Bondoni and Lyndon Perry.

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