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Enfold Me

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Enfold Me

Length: 457 pages4 hours


Daniel Blum—scientist, soldier, father—thinks he knows his purpose in the random nightmare of life following the fall of modern Israel. Yet when a figure from his past appears, he must choose between between hope and truth, between comfort and redemption.

As he journeys through the ruins of his homeland, he confronts a world he longer recognizes, a place of physical and social disintegration. Torn between the bonds of duty and family, Daniel is forced to plumb the true depths of his loss and, ultimately, confront the unintended consequences of his choices.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a journey of understanding about denial, acceptance, and the tortuous path between the two, from the author of the award-winning, Amazon #1 Bestsellers "Galerie" and "Moon Path."

"Ominous, thought-provoking, superbly researched and written... one of the most thoughtful and disturbing books I have ever read... the plot is impeccably researched, weaves and twists beautifully...." ~ Rebecca Rachmany

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